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I became interested in photography after having my children. I love catching those moments of baseball, dance & everyday life. I like being outside in the natural light and seeing the beautiful eyes of little ones sparkle. You can check here to see sneak peeks of your sessions and happenings with my family. You can contact me at 679-8851 or email me mlmphotography@aol.com


Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Williams...

I have taken the William's pictures for the last 2 years. Prince S. is hilarous. I especially thought it was funny when for the first family picture he sat with his back to us. He did sit still for a few of just him. High five Prince S. Thanks for sharing your family with me.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Prince N.S.

N.S. was one strong little man. He was kicking and stretching on my bean bag. I enjoyed meeting him and his mom. His eyes sparkled in the light. Thank you for sharing your new baby with me.

D.W. is turning OnE

Where has the year gone. Mr.D is turning OnE. This year has flown by. Here drew is just a few weeks old and now. you will be seeing more of him again.

Skater Boi.....K.S.V.

This was a sweet 3yo boy. We explored downtown and he was curious about everything. I just loved his haircut. Not to long ago he had long flowing locks but on a spur mom decided to cut it and I didn't get to see his locks but this skater boi is too cute with his spikes.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

On the go...

This is E.D. he is almost 2. He was sooo sweet singing ABC's to me and he loved riding his four wheeler. Thanks Mom for sharing him with me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dancing Princess...

meet K.Y. she is a blonde cutie. I was proud to follow K. around yesterday and snap photos of her. She is a busy 2yo. She loved to run up and down the bridge and we had to wrap up because she was ready to get in the water (that was a little green). Thanks Brooke for sharing your princess with me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you tired of seeing this girl?

I hope not. This is my whenever I need, anytime ready to go, sweet loving daugther/model. Ok..so I was at the mall today and there was this dress...I thought hmmmmmmm that would look great on my daughter in a field...so guess what I bought it. So today when she got home from school we went to the field behind our house and played a little before it down poured. Can't wait to do more maybe at the beach when we go in October. Anywho...just wanted to share.

K.H. One year old Doll

That is exactly what Miss K. was. She was all smiles and such a busy little girl. Her eyes just sparkled today even in the hot humid morning. Here are a few sneaks mom. Thanks for sharing your baby with me. Happy Birthday K.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday...

Hard to believe its been 14 years. We spent the day swimming at the westin, shopping at Bridge street then dinner at red robin. The grand finally was seeing "The Orphan" at the monaco. I've never seen so many girls with hands over their eyes. The years are flying by driving is right around the corner.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I had the pleasure to spend Friday evening with these cousins. We had planned this session several weeks ago and thought we were going to get rained but we didn't. I just love the A. girls too sweet and who couldn't love Mr. E. he sang his ABC's to me and played peek-a-boo this makes being a photographer so worth it. Thanks moms for sharing your family with me. Here are a few teasers....Look for more to come ")